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Işıldar Plastik Ltd. Ltd. In 1972, it started to manufacture plastic electrical materials by establishing a mold workshop in a 250 m2 shop in Güngören (many subcontracted products such as dowels, junction covers, antigron clasp types, etc.) It made subcontracted production for the brands of many companies. Later, he bought a 1000 m2 shop in İkitelli Organized İpkas 1st industrial site, expanded his molding room and started R&D investments. Aiming to provide quality production and good service, it started to make new molds.
In 2004, it started to produce plastic lighting materials as well as plastic electrical materials. It started production with the aim of making two molds every month and bringing innovation. It has made molds for (types such as Plastic Globes, Sensor Luminaires, Sensor Appliques, Wall Sconces, 32 W. Tortoise Luminaires, Fuse Boxes, Thermoplastic Junction Boxes, Square Junction Boxes, Combination Boxes, Polycarbonate Distribution Panels, Switch Cases, etc.).
In 2004, it established its own Sales and Marketing team, aiming at branding. In the first stage, it opened up to the Anatolian market and started working with companies that have a say in their regions. It started to provide service with intensive work and keeping customer satisfaction first. It has dominated the domestic market by increasing its production from 10 types to 250 types, providing quality at cheap prices and supporting its sales strategy. In 2005, it started exporting by establishing its own Foreign Trade Sales team. In order to support sales groups, it has started to sell its products to 10 countries in export by participating in domestic and international fairs.
In 2007, it built a 6000 m2 factory building in the 3rd stage of the Ipkas industrial site, renewed its machinery, continued its mold investments and increased its plastic product range to 460 types.
In 2011, it started to manufacture Metal Office Lighting and Industrial Design Lighting types in order to support its Lighting product range. It has entered into projects by obtaining all standard documents (TSE, ISO, CE) (such as 4×18 office lighting, High Ceiling, Market, Street, T1 TSC School, Waterproof Luminaire types, etc.).
In 2012, it started the production of LED street luminaires, projectors, canopies, LED office lighting, LED waterproofing, LED T1 TSC School, LED 4×8 W. Office Luminaire, by closely following LED technology. It has started to respond to serious projects. In order to increase its product range and provide better service to its customers, it has established home offices in the Anatolian side of Istanbul, Central Anatolia, Aegean and Mediterranean regions. It increased its exports to 37 countries and increased its trade to the Balkans and Middle Eastern countries. It continued to protect its market by balancing its sales with domestic % 50 and international sales with % 50.
In 2013, Işıldar made a Group socket type with the slogan "Innovation, a first in the world". This group of socket types was made with the idea of saving our customers from the stocks of all types by using them bi-directionally. It includes Işıldar Pls. Ltd. Ltd. Işıldar Lighting Ltd. Ltd. Işıldar Foreign Trade Ltd. Ltd. He established his . It produces in a total area of 12,000 m2.

Price lists:

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