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2023 Family Festival

2023 Family Festival

As Galip, Galmes and Galbim, we came together with our colleagues and their families at the 2023 Family Festival, which we held at Candal Country Club on August 19, and in our day-long event;

We started the day with breakfast, then we organized Jenga, backgammon and chess competitions. While the competition continued on one side, we had fun with chair grabbing, ball carrying, sack and rope pulling competitions on the other.

While our little ones had fun accompanied by clowns, our event continued with barbecue, popcorn and cotton candy treats.

Accompanied by a DJ performance, halay dances were performed, local folk dances were played, and after the competitions ended, we ended our event with a rope pulling competition.

We would like to thank our team and their families for participating in our event.

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