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Wholesale and Retail Sales

Wholesale and retail It is carried out according to the amount of product required by customers. Thus, no inconvenience is experienced and the desired product is supplied in the desired quantity.

Our Wholesale and Retail Products

Wholesale means offering a product for sale in bulk. Retail sale It means that the product is sold individually. The customer can make wholesale or retail purchases by determining how many units of a product he needs. This is a form of supply that makes the person or business economically comfortable. Businesses that make sales Wholesale They have the opportunity to purchase as many products as they wish.

Retail sales can meet the needs of people who do not sell the products to be purchased and only procure the products for use. Providing sales to both companies and individuals Galip Engineering Electrical It aims to provide all kinds of needs to its customers in the best possible way.

It continues to be the dealership of many electrical companies. Galip Engineering Electrical  It keeps hundreds of different products in stock. This makes it possible to reach the desired product easily. Galip Elektrik, which started its activities with electrical contracting works in 1989, expanded its field of activity in a short time and started to sell electrical materials. The name, which continues to sell electrical materials today, has many different products.

Within Galip Engineering Electric:


      • low and medium voltage cables,

      • Lighting fixture and bulb,

      • electrical installation materials,

      • low voltage switchgear products,

      • Generator,

      • Smart home systems,

      • Compensation products,

      • Key and socket,

      • energy cables,

      • Industrial automation products,

      • Data communication and telecommunication cables,

      • fire alarm systems,

      • Power and distribution transformers,

      • There are medium voltage cells and transformer centers.

    Medium voltage cables are basically cables with values in the range of 1kV-35Kv. It is generally used in the chemical industry, mining, stadiums, plumbing, healthcare institutions, residential and commercial heating industries. It also allows controlling the distribution of light.

    Switchgear products control electrical circuits and keep these circuits protected. Current can easily flow through these materials, which have contacts. This k has the capacity to carry its nominal currents.compensation products:

    • Open type compact switch and accessories,
    • safety switches,
    • network surge arresters,
    • Buttons and signal lights,
    • Blade fuse and accessories,
    • Energy measurement systems,
    • filters,
    • Energy distribution systems,
    • Contactor and accessories,
    • cartridge fuses,
    • Engine protection switch and accessories,
    • limit switches,
    • reactors,
    • Relay,
    • cam switches,
    • capacitors,
    • Thermal,
    • Automatic fuse and accessories,
    • time clocks,
    • soft starters,
    • They can be listed as leakage current fuses.

    Fire alarm systems are mechanisms that detect occurrences such as fire, smoke, carbon monoxide and warn individuals. Smart home systems These are mechanisms that allow the homeowner to control the thermostats, smart devices and lights in the house via an internet connection via a smart device. These systems can be installed with the help of wired or wireless systems.

    energy cables They are tools used to transfer electrical energy. Among the energy cable types used:

    • power cable,
    • gas insulated cable,
    • direct current cable,
    • very high voltage cable,
    • sodium conductor cable,
    • There are product types such as marine cable.

    Electrical energy required to activate devices power point It is transferred through. Socket switches help direct electricity to devices safely. Light bulb types provide illumination around the environment by converting the electricity in the circuit into light energy. Compensation productsI:

    • busbars,
    • capacitors,
    • Ammeter,
    • contactors,
    • fuses,
    • Cosine meter,
    • Voltmeter commutator,
    • Voltmeter,
    • It can be classified as reactive power control relay.

    Among Galip Engineering dealerships:

    • Hes Kablo, Schneider Electric, Philips, Siemens, Multitek,
    • Borsan, Pelsan, 3M, Galmes, Weidmüller, Audio,
    • Wago, Emas, Hensel, Günsan, ACK, Ekon, Grup Arge,
    • Sigma, Makel, Erse, Recber, Entes, Cata,
    • Bemis, Işıldar, Şafak, Blue, Mucco, Radsan,
    • Tamer Elektrik, Güçtay, Raychem, Onka,
    • Kartal, Hüner, Ortac, Kartaş Aydınlatma, Babacan,
    • Çetinkaya, Tongün, Nade, Fiberli, Çet-san, Gepa,
    • There are quality and well-known brands such as Autonics, Beta, Güçbir, Ulusoy Elektrik.

    All needed electrical materials can be purchased both wholesale and retail. The desired product can be selected from dozens of brands in line with the needs of businesses or individuals. Each brand has experience in its own field and produces quality materials. In this respect, it becomes possible to choose with peace of mind among the brands within Galip Elektrik.

    You Can Buy Any Product You Want Wholesale and Retail!

    There are hundreds of different brands that produce electrical materials. Products of different brands are offered for sale within Galip Engineering. Thus, it becomes easier for the customer to access a wide range of products. Aiming to meet all kinds of material needs of the customer in the best way, Galip Elektrik has managed to stand out with the quality and durable products it offers under its roof.

    Acting with years of knowledge, experience and expertise, Galip Mühendislik Elektrik aims to deliver the orders it receives to its customers as soon as possible and increase satisfaction. Galip Electric, which carries out its work with great care, dedication and meticulousness, responds to all kinds of needs immediately by making wholesale and retail sales. Being a reliable brand in electrical products allows it to reach more customers.

    You can get all the materials you need from Galip Mühendislik Elektrik, which has adopted the principle of providing both products and services with high quality. You can order the products you need in two ways: wholesale and retail. Galip Engineering Electric aims to meet your needs in the best way and offer quality at an affordable price. Thanks to Galip Mühendislik Elektrik, which offers different payment options, you can make your payment as you wish.


      Wide Product Range

      Thanks to Galip Mühendislik Elektrik's wide product range, you can access thousands of different products from dozens of different brands.

      Fast Delivery

      We deliver your orders to anywhere in Turkey as quickly as possible.

      Retail and Wholesale

      Galip Engineering is a wholesale and retail electrical products supplier that stands out with its quality products and reliable service in the electrical industry.

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