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Light, which has greatly affected human life for thousands of years, has been transformed into various forms with the developing technology over time. Lighting While it is one of these forms, products such as LED strips, ornamental lighting, bulbs and floor lamps can be exemplified as products required for a bright environment.

Lighting is defined as a type of light technique applied to objects, their surroundings, and small or large areas to provide visibility in the dark. To express lighting in another way; We can explain it as the conscious use of light in order to provide a more aesthetic and practical effect. Illuminator products used in many living areas today are a technique that provides visibility, especially at night and in dark environments.

Galip Engineering Electrical Our company is known as a company that provides services with many years of experience in illuminating products. Our company, which works meticulously on all kinds of services you may need for lighting, prioritizes customer satisfaction with the projects it has realized so far and the illuminating products it sells.

What is Lighting?

Lighting, which has provided significant benefits to human life at many points from past to present, has developed in today's conditions and has been integrated with technological systems. Basically, this process is expressed as the use of light to provide functionality.

In today's conditions, light is used not only functionally but also to provide an aesthetic appearance. There are examples where light is used aesthetically, especially in living spaces, photo shoots, movies or exhibitions.

With technology developing day by day, it is possible to come across smart illuminating systems that greatly facilitate human life. Thanks to these state-of-the-art systems and smart socket lamp types, lighting products in living spaces can be controlled remotely via computers, smart mobile phones and tablets. Most often, this control is provided by a smart lamp switch. In this way, these systems provide both practicality and time saving for people. In addition, smart lighting systems that can be turned on and off at certain time intervals also provide an economically advantageous usage opportunity.

What are Lighting Products?

It is possible to classify illumination products under two headings: bulbs and fixtures.

Some of the bulbs are:

  • Energy saving bulbs,
  • LED strip,
  • special bulbs,
  • halogen bulbs,
  • Wallwasher,
  • PL series bulbs,
  • Neon strip,
  • SMD LED bulbs
  • Projector.

Some of the lighting fixtures are:

  • globe armature,
  • emergency lighting,
  • Sensor armature,
  • rail spotlight,
  • Products such as pendant chandeliers,
  • street fixtures,
  • ornamental lighting products.

Nowadays, lighting needs are increasing day by day, regardless of indoor or outdoor areas. These products, which are used in many different places from living spaces to industrial areas, consist of three different product categories: fluorescent, wired and LED lighting. Bulbs; neon lamps, halogen bulbs and ballast can be exemplified as lighting products.

Thanks to the types of illuminators developed day by day, these products have taken their place in the architectural field and provided significant convenience in lighting. Today's lamps, which are products of the latest advanced technologies, have become much longer-lasting and more light-efficient than before.

What are Lighting Auxiliary Products?

Lighting auxiliary products consist of the tools and equipment required for the use of illuminating products. If we need to show a few examples of auxiliary products;

  • hear
  • hanging bracket
  • socket plug
  • Transformer
  • remote control bell
  • smart key
  • smart camera outdoor
  • detonator
  • smart key
  • Motion sensor
  • smoke sensor
  • driver products such as.

Some of these products auxiliary equipment While some of them are among the lighting products. While such products are needed to use light indoors or outdoors, you can obtain all these products from our company, Galip Mühendislik Elektrik.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Lighting Product?

When it comes to auxiliary products needed for light, the first thing that comes to mind is usually products that complement home decoration and make ceilings or rooms look more elegant. Although it seems like a simple issue, it actually Things to consider when choosing a lighting product It is extremely important. Because choosing this type of product is much more than just benefiting home decoration. What should be considered when choosing a lighting product?

Choosing Products That Will Provide Efficient Light

When making a choice among these products, which have a wide range of alternatives, compatibility with decoration is often taken into consideration. However, as we mentioned before, these products are not only about decoration. For example, it is possible to make living spaces safer with the right product. So, what kind of bulbs and similar products should be preferred in living spaces?

It is extremely important to get help from an expert when choosing a lighting product in living spaces. The number of bulb inputs needed for these products varies depending on the size of the area. While a single-bulb product will be sufficient for an area of 15 square meters, a product with a dual-bulb input may be needed for an area of 35 square meters. Considering such details, it is possible to obtain an environment with efficient light.

Getting Help from Products in Various Models

Illuminating almost every point of living spaces helps prevent accidents that may occur in the environment and provides a more efficient living or working space. Therefore, care should be taken to ensure that there are no dark areas in living or working areas. For the garden in such cases projectorIt is also possible to benefit from various products such as pendant chandeliers, sconces and spotlights for the living room.

Paying Attention to the Light Bulb to Be Preferred

Saving energy is one of the most important elements that protect both the budget and nature. Therefore, for illuminating products to be used in various areas, it would be beneficial to choose products such as LED strips, which have a longer life, instead of incandescent bulbs.

Another detail to consider when choosing a bulb is the color of the light. For example, for building lighting wallwasher When choosing, it is necessary to consider which color of light will provide more benefit for illumination. On the other hand, in living spaces, the yellow light to be used for the bedroom will be relaxing and the white light will be relaxing. perception and it should be taken into consideration that it has a stimulating effect.

The Best Quality Lighting Products are at Galip Engineering!

As Galip Mühendislik Elektrik, our company is one of the leading names in the sector, operating based on 34 years of experience in this field. Our company, which stands out with the services it has offered so far and the customer satisfaction it has achieved, has thus managed to be among the most preferred names.

You can also receive professional service through our company's website and other illuminators If you want to get information about it, you can contact us. You can also easily place an order on our website to get the illuminating products and auxiliary equipment you need such as drivers, ballasts and ignitors.

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