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Weak Current Cables 

Weak current cablesis one of the basic infrastructure needs today. Electronic systems that make life easier have different features. The amount of energy used is decisive in cable standards. There is special equipment for weak and high current. Weak current cable is used in systems in living areas.

What is Weak Current?

Current types are divided into alternating and direct current. The direction of alternating currents (AA/AC) may change. Direct current (DC/DC) is unidirectional. Weak and strong currents occur depending on the intensity of electricity. Energy consumption is high in shops, factories and facilities. The force required by work machines is transferred through special cables. Weak currents can reduce the need for advanced hardware. fiber optic cables, is frequently preferred for economical use.

Levels below 12V are weak current. The upper limit usually does not exceed 15V. Weakness describes low intensity. Cable standards vary depending on current type. There is weak current in routinely used devices and systems. Low-current instrumentation cables are also used in the control mechanisms of factories, refineries and power plants. Signal, camera, doorphone, control, fire alarm cables It provides functional results with low levels of power. The products are included in the low voltage cable class. Low-risk low-current cable is also the primary choice in marine vehicles.

It is the basic material of electrical panels and infrastructure. Ideal products should be chosen to protect against wear and tear that may occur over time. silicone cablesIt is advantageous with its fire resistance. The importance of the usage areas highlights the cable quality. Activating alarm systems in case of disaster, transferring camera data to the computer, and establishing connections between panel materials require ideal cables. In order for the activities to be carried out properly, telephone, intercom, alarm, communication, control cables It must be taken from the right place.

What are Weak Current Cables?

Weak current cable types can be classified according to their use. The products are resistant to sudden temperature increases. Conductive wires that provide energy communication are protected by a plastic surface. The thick layer reduces the effect of crushing and bending. CCTV cameras are the primary use of low current cable. Low current products are used in automatic shutter and door systems, alarm mechanisms and modem connections. Galip Electrical Engineering The options you can access with quality are as follows:

  • Telephone Cables: It connects landline phones to the switchboard circuit. It creates the telephone infrastructure of homes and workplaces. It ensures that sound waves are transferred to the mechanism and reach the other side. Cables can be connected to telephones in different parts of the settlement. It is mostly used in offices and telephone switchboards.
  • Fiberoptic Cables: It has a glass channel in its multi-layered structure. It transmits lights that prevent electrical interference from occurring. Energy transmission occurs in the core layer. The glass layer protects the core. The outer insulating plastic surrounds the entire cable. It is used in billboards, internet infrastructure, and closed circuit video systems.
  • Signal Cables: It transfers the instructions processed in the control panel to electronic devices. Communication between the panel assembly and the electrical infrastructure must be seamless. Maximum durability is required for cables that can pass through columns and walls.
  • Doorphone Cables: It transmits audio and video data to the apartment. It allows observing the outside of the building when the door is knocked. Voice communication can be established between apartments. The product comes to the fore as video doorphones become more widespread.
  • Control Cables: It is used in automatic systems that can be managed remotely. It enables the processing and transfer of instructions. It is widely used in the industrial sector. With ease of control, the efficiency of activities increases.
  • Data and Communication Cables: It is a product that stands out for individual use. It provides data communication between different equipment such as television, phone, tablet, music player, computer and charger. Products known as intermediate cables are data cables. There are options suitable for individual and corporate purposes.
  • Silicone Cables: It can offer efficient use at high temperatures. It is used in factories and energy facilities. It does not melt, stick or shrink.
  • Fire Alarm Cables: It connects the sound system with the detector mechanism. The detector sounds an alarm when smoke or fire is detected. It can be used wherever security systems are located. Burglar alarms are in the same category.

What should be considered when purchasing a weak current cable?

When purchasing a low current cable, attention should be paid to the protective layer properties. It is essential for the cable to perform in high temperature and humid environments. Mechanisms can reach different temperatures. Panel cables come into contact with many materials. The thickness of the outer surface determines its temperature and stress resistance. Cables that do not bend easily, have a vertical structure, and have a hard body are ideal. Standards vary depending on the area of use.

Pest problems can be seen in warehouses, facilities, power plants and factories. Mice are particularly harmful to cable networks. Costly damage can occur when rodents chew through cables. The electrical panel is often installed in secluded parts of the building. It is possible to see mice in places that are rarely used and considered unhygienic. inside the dashboard signal cables, should be suitable for rodent risk. It is expected that no cracks will occur when in contact with hard parts. The panel cable must protect the conductive parts from crushing and oxidation.

able to pass through walls intercom cablesIt must be resistant to moisture. Painting and cleaning activities can moisten the building wall. Rapidly growing fungi affect the wall. Fire alarm cables and intercom cables must provide safety on walls that may become damp. The plastic layer must be able to prevent external factors and maintain current. Durability is related to the manufacturing standard. Cables that comply with international criteria should be selected. It is important to use products for their intended purpose.

Data data and communication cable Models are suitable for different devices. Battery capacity is a determining factor in cable selection. The voltage level of the adapters should be proportional to the devices they are connected to. Excessive current can damage electronic parts. It is necessary to compare the voltage of the charging adapters with the mAh level of the batteries. Cable length and thickness are important for quality. Thick-surfaced cables are functional in computer centers.

Your Address for Weak Current Cable is Galip Engineering!

It is advantageous to turn to reliable brands when choosing technical materials. Galip Engineering has become a brand in cable models and electronic equipment. Cables suitable for different systems have attractive prices. Weak current cable prices are parallel to the features. You can easily reach telephone cablesoffers uninterrupted communication traffic. There are products that can be used in homes, workplaces and call centers.

Managing modern devices control cables is used. The place of robotic mechanisms in production is important. Our materials that simplify operation improve your production competition or personal experience. When buying low current cable You must balance between needs and budget. If you want to increase the efficiency of the systems, adequate hardware is required. There are hundreds of products at different levels.

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