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Luminaires, defined as a body with multiple sockets connected to each other to emit light, are used in indoor and outdoor applications. street fixture It has many varieties including: It is used to protect the outer surfaces of lamps used to illuminate indoor and outdoor spaces. It is used in the decoration of places and is divided into different models and colors depending on their appearance.

Various according to the needs and decoration of the spaces armature typesIt has square and round appearances. Serving different purposes of use and adding a decorative look to spaces with its colors and models. special fixtures It has dozens of different options such as.

What is Armature?

It is needed to meet the need for lighting by converting electrical energy into light. It is found inside lamps and connected to each other, converting electrical energy into light.

Light is among the greatest needs of all spaces. It provides the lighting needed by spaces by converting electrical energy into light. It is used to meet the needs of spaces in terms of lighting and is divided into different models. Glop and sconce Luminaires, lighting used in wall and ceiling corners are frequently preferred products for decoration works.

There are different types used in the decoration of spaces. In addition, it is rechargeable with LED searchlight models are among the preferred products to meet the needs.

What are the Armature Types?

Lighting is one of the indispensable needs of life. Different types of lighting are needed in home and work environments. It is used to illuminate indoor and outdoor spaces and is divided into different categories according to its model, color and light power. They are designed to be used in large areas or corners. It is of great importance in the decoration of spaces.

Products that have become indispensable in the decoration of living spaces;

  • Type A rod pendant fixture,
  • Type B1 and B2 ceiling,
  • Type C with porcelain base,
  • Type E steel wire caged tank,
  • Type H workshop,
  • Type 0 wall lamp,
  • It is divided into different types as projector fixtures.

Whichever you prefer: fluorescent or LED office fixturesIt is used in the decoration of work areas. You can make different choices by determining factors such as light color, model such as square, round or rectangular, and energy power level.

For illuminating large and large areas such as schools and hospitals band armature models are used. Tapes with very strong illumination are often used in homes because they are economical.

Used in high ceiling lighting linear armatureare frequently preferred products in decorative lighting produced with LED technology. This model, which distributes white or blue light color options homogeneously, eliminates eye fatigue.

Designed with LED and normal socket wall and floor recessed armatures are the preferred models for pleasant decoration of spaces. This model, which is frequently preferred with its low power consumption and durability, is in a subcategory of wall lighting.

Used for illuminating open areas park garden fixtureIt is produced with the latest technology designs. These products, which are used to illuminate night vision, take an active role in choosing the right light source in open areas, thanks to their waterproof and easy installation advantage.

Where is the armature used?

When choosing luminaire types, the light needs of the area used are taken into consideration. They come in different models and are divided into different product groups according to their usage areas.

frequently preferred high ceiling fixtureIt is used to illuminate areas higher than 6 meters such as shopping malls, large workplaces and factories. In addition to those with high ceilings, in areas such as bathrooms, toilets and kitchens watertight armature models are used. The waterproof properties of watertights are used to prevent events such as explosions and electric shocks in areas where water is used.

Among the models that offer customers a wide range of products, desk lamp Their products are the models preferred by people who work at a desk. You can benefit from the right light source provided by the desk lamp to focus on your work while reading or working on the computer.

The need for light while doing sports activities such as camping and outdoor hand lamp You can meet it with. Hand lamps, which are not affected by water, mud, precipitation and humidity, thanks to the materials used in their production, can be your greatest assistant in the dark during your sports activity.

Used in various interior spaces such as home, office, hospital, shopping mall, restaurant and store. downlightare preferred as stylish lighting products thanks to their quality and light structure. These products, which offer a variety of recessed and surface-mounted uses, are models that add elegance to interior lighting.

Spotlights, which are frequently preferred for illuminating interior spaces;

  • surface mounted spot lighting,
  • LED track spot lighting,
  • It is divided into 3 different categories: decorative spot lighting products.

These products are preferred because they are economical and long-lasting; In addition to workplaces such as cafes, offices and stores, it can also be used to illuminate narrow spaces in the house such as kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Luminaire?

You should consider the light needs and decoration style of the area where you will use the lighting. Things to consider when choosing a fixtureThese can be listed as the suitability of the surface to be mounted, the light color and the decoration need of the place.

First of all, you should pay attention to the design of the area where you will use indoor and outdoor lighting. At the same time, the size of the surface to be mounted, whether wall, ceiling or corner, is one of the important details you should pay attention to when choosing the product.

You can choose LEDs that work with low energy and provide high efficiency. Lightings that save money because they consume low energy add a different atmosphere to the decoration of spaces with different light color options such as yellow, white and blue.

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Light is an important need in every aspect of life. It is a structure that protects the surface of lamps that enable the conversion of electrical energy into light, and has an important share in the decoration of spaces.

Factors that are effective in the formation of models such as size, color and energy power help to increase their varieties. When making your choice, you should consider the lighting needs of the area used. used in gas stations gas station fixture There are different models that you can use in the decoration of interior spaces, as well as those that meet the light needs of outdoor spaces.

Luminaire types that maintain the correct light source in all areas of life such as home, office, hospital, shopping mall, cafe, restaurant, store, factory, park and garden. at Galip Engineering Electric you can find.

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