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Energy Measurement, Protection and Control Products

energy measurementis the observation of the power magnitude over a certain time interval. Follow-up can be done with different units. Volt is the unit of voltage. It defines the potential difference between two directions of the conductive part. Watt is the electrical force used. Ampere symbolizes the amount of electricity passing through the conductor. It consists of energy control, protection and management methods.

What are Energy Measurement, Protection and Control Products?

Energy protection, control and measurement products provide precise management of mechanisms. Technological advances have elaborated electronic systems. Precautions are required for complex wholes to work harmoniously. There is special equipment for measurement-protection-control steps.

Voltage protection relays It stands out with its coverage of control and safety. With the development of electrical systems, the need for protection has increased. Area of use, production standard and price are important details. Our products can be used safely in homes, power plants, factories, schools and hospital buildings. energy control The equipment that can be used for observation is as follows:

  • Engine Protection Relay: Widely used in industrial machines. Temperature may increase due to voltage imbalance in the motor. Metal and plastic parts deteriorate over time. The protection relay cuts off excessive current and improves machine health.
  • Phase Sequence Relay: Controls the three phases feeding the motor. Sequence imbalance can disrupt the flow pattern. Whether the R, S, T phases are balanced is monitored by the light indicator. The level of compatibility between mains electricity and the machine is understandable.
  • Voltage Protection Relays: It carries out motor and phase protection together. It can compensate for voltages different from the standard. It reacts when the phase sequence is mixed. 
  • Current Transformers: Used for measuring high currents. It is an alternative to expensive measuring equipment. Transformers connected in series to circuits are known as current transformers.
  • Time clock: Automatically turns electronic systems on and off at certain times. The activity of the system is shaped according to the entered time data. It is used in systems where operating periods are complex.
  • Regulator: It keeps the rising and falling current at the ideal level. It prolongs the lifespan of devices by protecting them from voltage instability. It can be used in homes and industrial facilities.
  • Harmonic Filter: The energy drawn in the form of a non-sinusoidal wave is called harmonic. The filter protects the compensation equipment and the motor. Harmonic currents are accommodated by filtering.
  • Photocell Relays: Designed for energy saving. It activates the lighting systems in the dark and turns them off in the light. It ensures that electricity is used only when needed. Photocell lamps can be found in building gaps and open places.
  • Liquid Level Relay: It is known as SSR (Solid State Relay). It is used for measuring, filling and discharging in warehouses containing industrial liquid materials, oil tanks, oil tanks and water tanks.
  • Timer: Allows the contacts to move when power is applied or cut off. It has a structure similar to a time clock. Closing of open contacts and opening of closed contacts is automatic. The system acts spontaneously at certain times.
  • Hot Control: Observes the rise and fall of temperature data. It can enable the necessary measures to be taken quickly.
  • Panel Type Measuring Instruments: These are the equipment used in the electrical panel. Rotating coil AC / DC voltmeter, ammeter, frequency meter and Wattmeter are included in this scope.
  • Hand Measuring Instruments: These are materials that have dimensions that can be carried in the hand, in a pocket or in a bag. Equipment known as multimeters has an input, dial, display and buttons. Current, resistance and voltage can be measured with the device.
  • UPS: It is the abbreviation of Uninterriptuble Power Supply. It provides power to the mechanisms when the mains power is cut off. It is expected to produce electricity at the same voltage and frequency as grid energy.

Why are Energy Measurement, Protection and Control Products Important?

Energy measurement can predict the course of activities and possible problems. The current intensities that the systems are compatible with are different. High values may cause motor malfunctions and cable problems. Current transformer is the basic equipment used in the observation and improvement of energy. The low-cost device offers circuit security in an economical way. motor protection relay The equipment is protected from current imbalance. It is beneficial for personnel safety if factory equipment operates with ideal energy.

The phase sequence relay can prevent malfunctions caused by confusion. The mechanism is maintained by the balance in the R, S, T phases. Panel type measuring instrumentsIt carries the data regarding the energy used to the board. The power consumption of the mechanism can be observed from a single place. Deviations in Volt, Watt, frequency and ampere values are easily detected. Where the current is unbalanced harmonic filter is a savior. The energy that the conductors cannot carry comfortably is brought to the ideal level. The filter can protect technical parts and prevent malfunctions.

Temperature control mechanisms are the safety guarantee of electronic environments. It should not be forgotten that extremely hot and cold weather is damaging. Time clockIt manages the mechanisms that must work and stop at certain periods. Systems with ideal temperature, current and voltage levels provide efficiency with regular operation. Photocell relaysIt is used in smart lighting systems. Lights that turn on in the evening and turn off in the morning save electricity.

What Should Be Considered When Purchasing Energy Measurement, Protection and Control Products?

Things to consider when buying electronic products: The aim is product quality and seller reliability. Options suitable for your purpose may consist of many models. Galip Engineering meets every need with its customer-oriented services. Company experience can offer solutions to your expectations. There are details to pay attention to in order to get efficiency from the products. liquid level relaymust be suitable for the container in which it will be used. SSR models are available for different liquid tanks.

UPSare classified as static and dynamic. Static uninterruptible power supply rectifies AC energy and transfers it to the system. DC energy is converted to AC and rectified. Dynamic models are known as flywheel power supply. Kinetic energy is stored in the mechanism powered by a diesel engine. Static and dynamic products suit different needs. Our company can facilitate your technical evaluation process. Temperature control devices, measuring equipment, and parts in direct contact must be insulating.

Energy Measurement, Protection and Control Products are at Galip Engineering!

Galip Electrical Engineering The purpose of its products is to keep energy consumption at an appropriate level. Energy can be controlled in line with changing needs. Force exceeding infrastructure standards must be cut off. Excessive current may damage systems. Observation is made using energy measurement products. Leak detection can be easier by monitoring electricity consumption. Materials that enable fault finding speed up the process. Hand measuring instruments, regulator, timer and more you can access immediately.

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