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Installation materials

Installation materials These are products that may be needed at any time in homes and workplaces. Plumbing materials can help in case of a minor malfunction in the water, natural gas and electricity systems you frequently use in your home and workplace. The right address to complete the materials you need for electrical installation, which is the installation you use most in your daily life. Galip Engineering Electric!

What are Plumbing Materials?

Plumbing materials are products used to protect the working principles of plumbing systems, including water, natural gas and electricity systems, and to solve problems that arise. The materials used in plumbing systems are used by plumbers who install the systems by combining parts and providing indoor equipment. AspiratorPlumbing products such as r and similar prevent the devices from overheating and prevent breakdowns.

These materials used in system repair may not require expert knowledge in some cases. The materials used to repair installations vary depending on the type of installation. For example;

  • As a material that provides circulation in water installations piping While using,
  • Cables are used as circulation material in electrical installations.

Although materials such as pipes and similar materials used in plumbing are plumbers' work materials, materials that may be needed at any time (such as cables) can also be used without requiring expertise.

What are Plumbing Materials?

  • Cable channel,
  • cable tie,
  • Group socket,
  • vending box,
  • industrial plug,
  • insulation products,
  • Fan and aspirator,
  • sheet metal panel,
  • service boxes,
  • columns,
  • polyester board,
  • Junction box, elbow and dowel,
  • safes,
  • yellow channel,
  • Combination boxes and cable connection products are among the materials used in installation systems.

In electrical installations, it is necessary to ensure that the cables used to distribute the energy to the entire system are isolated, fixed and located within the installation. For this reason cable channelis needed. Cable channels are a protective and transmitting system. cable tieIt is a holder with a threaded structure used to prevent the cables and wires used in the electrical installation system from being separated and dispersed.

Group socketIt is used to meet the needs in places where there are no sockets or their number is insufficient to meet the electricity need..

vending boxIt is the material used to control the energy and energy flow circulating in electrical installations.

insulation productsThey are electrical insulation materials used to ensure that the electrical energy circulating and being transferred in the system is transferred only through the relevant conductor. In order to prevent problems that may occur due to overheating of the system in electrical installations, the material used as a cooling medium is used. fan is called.

Panels are used to protect areas such as electricity meters, signal lamps and switches. sheet metalIt is a protection material made of sheet metal. Since it does not require maintenance and painting and is not affected by environmental factors such as moisture, dust, sunlight and impact, it can be used in areas where bad weather conditions or impact are likely. polyester board is preferred.

service boxes, These are materials installed to reduce the pressure in steel or polyethylene distribution networks to the required pressure level. In construction sites or construction sites where electrical equipment is installed using electrical installation parts, a box with two or four outlets is used to connect electrical cables and conductors, preventing electrical connections from being exposed and causing danger. junction box is given the name.

The parts placed in the holes drilled on surfaces such as walls, ceilings and panels in order to ensure that the screws used in the installations are securely fastened are called dowels. Also called industrial plug industrial plug It is a material that has high durability and can carry high voltage electric currents. It is generally preferred in business lines with harsh conditions, such as the industrial sector.

Switches and switches in electrical installations power point Parts used to securely fix system parts such as to the wall are called casings. safesThere are two types: flush-mounted and surface-mounted.

Modular panels that have as many three-phase and single-phase socket outlets as needed and can receive current with a plug when necessary. combination boxes It is called. Cable clamps, connectors, terminal blocks, cable lugs, resin, cable glands, cable label and cable clamps cable connection products It is called.

yellow channelis an installation product that stores energy in a single center. columns It is used for safe transportation of cables and trouble-free energy transfer in electrical systems.

What Should You Consider When Buying Plumbing Materials?

When purchasing the materials used in electrical installations, care should be taken to ensure that there are no breaks, print marks, crushes or breaks on the cables, especially in order for them to transmit electricity without any problems.

It is a vital system that prevents serious consequences that may occur in case of a possible electrical leakage of electrical devices. ground is given the name. This factor should also be taken into consideration when choosing materials for electrical installations. It is vital that sockets, especially those frequently used in living spaces, have a safe grounding mechanism.

In order to ensure energy efficiency in installations, attention can be paid to the use of copper products. In order to transmit electrical energy in the most efficient way, installation products made of copper are used due to its high insulating properties.

Copper pipes are used in air conditioning pipes, autogas pipes and underfloor heating systems because they provide a much faster heat conduction than plastic pipes. copper productsIt is especially preferred in natural gas installations thanks to its low expansion feature and high resistance to pressure.

In the materials required for plumbing, it must be ensured that the installation pipes have thermal insulation against freezing. Care should be taken to ensure that the materials used in plumbing are made of high quality and long-lasting materials.

Your Address for Plumbing Materials is Galip Engineering!

Galip Engineering Electric is your address to purchase all the installation products you may need for the safe and trouble-free operation of your installations at high quality and affordable prices.

You can find all your electrical installation needs such as low and medium voltage cables, low voltage switchgear materials, electrical installation products, lighting fixtures and bulbs, data communication and telecommunication cables, industrial automation products, fire alarm systems, generators, medium voltage cells and transformer centers in our branches. .

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