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Industrial Products

industrial productsare professional products shaped according to the needs and tastes of the masses, produced for the use of consumers at the end point of production in industrial areas. As the importance of industry gained after the industrial revolution, the need for industrial design products also increased. Level floaters products crane control You can find the industrial materials you need from Galip Mühendislik Elektrik.

What are Industrial Products?

Industrial products are materials produced in different types of industries and developed intellectually and materially according to the demands, needs and tastes of the end user. Industrial materials undergo design and functional changes constantly and at regular intervals. For industrial product production, industrial engineering, factories and industrial design fields are required.

Due to the industry gaining importance after the industrial revolution, the demand and needs for industrial design products have also increased. Industrial production materials have a large share in country economies. Industrial production materials stand out in many types of industries such as the food industry, construction industry, textile industry, grain industry, cosmetics industry, automotive industry and VCR. Industrial design products are equipment that is different from individually used products used in the industrial sector.

By producing small parts of products produced for industrial use, it is aimed to ensure that large parts work systematically and accurately. Small part products control large devices and protect them by preventing possible breakdowns.

What are the Industrial Product Types?

Some of the industrial design products are as follows;

  • Cam switches, transformers, liquid floats,
  • Level floaters, socketed role,
  • Safety products, potentiometer,
  • Solid state relay, pedal, switches,
  • Speed controllers, soft starters,
  • Limit switch, illuminated column warning and crane control.

paco switchis an electrical switch with a mechanical system. This switch with a mechanical system works by users manually turning the remote control. Pako switches are used in electrical circuits for on-off, star-delta, starting, commutator and direction changing purposes.

TransformerIt is a major industrial product used in the distribution of electrical energy. These energy distribution devices, whose full name is transformer, transform the voltage level through magnetic induction without changing the frequency.

liquid floatersIt is an electrical control equipment that keeps devices such as hydrophores or pumps connected to it under control by making electrical contact according to the increase or decrease of the water level in liquid accumulations of a certain depth and volume, such as water tanks or deep wells.

socket relayis a standard used relay type. This standard relay has different numbers of contacts and a very different number of plug-in interfaces that are triggered at different coil voltages. These types of industrial tools help control large current voltages thanks to their small current voltages. Relays and sockets are used in control and load circuits.

safety productsare safety relays that ensure safety in electrical devices. In case of any danger, the safety relay detects the threat in the circuit, accepts it and tries to reduce the risk below a certain level.

Potentiometeris an industrial product made from carbon or carbon-containing resistance elements. These products are used in circuits to limit current or divide voltage.

State solid relayThis industrial product, briefly called SSR, is a circuit switch mechanism consisting entirely of electronic parts. This industrial material, which performs the same function as classical relays and contactors, is used to switch power circuits. There are relays that switch from small amperage currents to very large amperage currents. Pedal, It has been accepted as the control for all elements used in industries. Foot pedals are used especially to free the hands and to control large machines.

switches, are used as key terms in the fields of electricity and electronics. The word 'switch', which comes from English into our language, means to change. These toggle switches differ from other buttons or concretes in that they have two states: on or off. speed control devices are industrial products that control the speed and torque of standard induction motors, which are the basis of the industry.

soft startersare industrial products with a microprocessor base that can control the starting and rotation speed ratio of the motors developed for three-phase medium voltage asynchronous motors. These industrial production devices are industrial parts that control the controlled starting of the motor, the voltage and current supplied to the motor.

limit switchIt is an industrial part that protects circuit elements and devices when the current begins to exceed the limit at some points of movement. This product, which is sensitive to low technological perception, is preferred because it provides high current capacity and is low cost. Light column warningare visual and auditory warning signs used to report any malfunction of an electrical device, process or equipment.

What Should You Consider When Buying Industrial Products?

The first thing to consider when purchasing products for industrial purposes is the material and quality of the products. The quality of industrial design products used in electrical and electronic systems ensures safe transmission of current and protects devices. When purchasing electronic industry materials, paying attention to the suitability of the purchased product for the area in which it will be used prevents major problems that may occur with the devices.

When purchasing electrical installation products, especially cables, it is important for safety to ensure that there is no pressure, crushing or cut on the cables. When purchasing large industrial products for use in industries, attention should be paid to whether the capacity of the product is sufficient for the work to be done.

You Can Obtain Industrial Products from Galip Engineering!

All the industrial products you are looking for to use in sectors such as food, agriculture, mechanics, electrical and electronics, automotive, cosmetics and textiles. Industrial automation and working in the electrical industry Galip Engineering Electrical You can obtain it from dealers.

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