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Switchgear Products

switchgear productsIt is used for the safe operation of electrical systems. There are many types and functions of switchgear products for use in electrical installations. You can find all the switchgear materials you need for the safety of your installations from Galip Mühendislik Elektrik dealers.

What are Switchgear Products? Where to use?

These are materials that control electrical circuits, protect circuits and are used for switching circuits. Switchgear products also have features such as opening and closing the current, preventing overcurrent and short circuit. Switchgear materials are used to control electric current. The most well-known switchgear product is the switch. The switch is used in places where the current is less and normal, such as homes and workplaces.

Switchgear materials are used to cut off energy or change the direction of energy flow to perform an electrical operation. Switchgear materials that manage current protect electrical appliances and increase the reliability of the electrical supply. Switchgear products are used to protect against damage caused by short circuits that may be caused by the density of current in electrical circuits, to protect the rest of the system by isolating incorrectly positioned electrical equipment, and to control circuits by switching electrical systems.

What are Switchgear Products?

Switchgear products are as follows;

  • Surge arrester, switch, contactor,
  • Thermal relay, automatic fuse, residual current relay,
  • Disconnector, blade fuses,
  • Compact switch, engine protection switch,
  • Kincrease, slots, open type switch, pulse current switches,
  • Fuses and automatic transfer system.

surge arresterIt is an overvoltage protective device used to prevent potential malfunctions that may occur in electrical devices due to voltage increases due to reasons such as malfunctions in high voltage lines and lightning strikes. The switch, also called a circuit breaker, not only opens and closes the circuit in which electric current circulates, but also performs switching to reduce the load on the system and protect the system in case the density of energy circulating in the circuit increases.

In order to protect the electrical loads in the circuits and for the controlled operation of the system, the switchgear material consists of the coil, copper rings, and the pallet and contact that moves the contacts as a whole, which provides energy control by switching the circuit's supply line. contactor is given the name.

The electric current in the working mechanisms of electrical devices releases heat energy during operation. If the intensity of the current to which the device is exposed increases, its temperature also increases and the device malfunctions. Electrical protection devices designed to isolate devices from the energy source in case of a possible malfunction or energy overload. thermal relay It is called. This switchgear, which separates the devices from the power source, contains heat-sensitive components and these components react to the current received by the devices during operation.

Low voltage switchgear material with separate thermal or magnetic properties used in the electrical panels of the main entrances of homes or industrial buildings before electricity distribution and wherever energy is distributed. auto insurance is given the name. For the safe use of electricity during the distribution phase of electrical energy, automatic and thermal or magnetic fuses is used.

Motor protection switch is an electrical control, command and protection element designed to protect electric motors against thermal current, short circuit current and phase failure, as well as manually activating or disabling the electric motor. Residual current relay is a switchgear material that detects the leakage current occurring in the circuit and protects people or the installation by opening it. This switchgear material protects the installation. leakage current Also called insurance. Provides engine control Tesys UIt is preferred in industrial areas. Tesys U has three different control units, so it has alarm and error detection features as well as protection against overload and short circuits.

The switchgear material, which is one of the main branches of the primary equipment and protects and isolates the electrical system from high voltage, is called a separator. Disconnectors are located above the breakers and do not have the ability to stop current. Disconnectors cannot be opened or closed when there is current in the circuit. In the group of fusible wire fuses blade fusesThey protect the circuit by melting the wire with heat in cases of overload currents and short circuit currents.

Compact switchIn overload situations, it protects the circuit from overload by directly activating the protective limiting mechanism. Thanks to the magnetic protection they provide, they are used as circuit breakers between telephone switchboards, electrical panels, control centers and networks. CartridgeIt is a cylindrical type of fuse that protects electrical circuits from overload current and short circuit currents. Used in electrical installations nests It allows the electrical current from the flush-mounted system to reach the plug on the surface.

open type switchIt is a type of switch that protects the circuit it is connected to from overload current and short circuit current. These types of switches are ready to stop the current in the circuit at any time. pulse current Switch is an electromechanical switching material that allows lighting circuits to be controlled from two or more points.

Fuses are opening elements that protect the elements used in the circuits and the conductors of these elements from overcurrent and prevent the circuits and circuit elements from being damaged. These circuit current opening elements are used in homes, power plants, industrial facilities and all electrically operated devices. Automatic transfer systemis an electromagnetic separator that automatically provides the necessary transfer between two power supplies. Thanks to its mechanical locking system, the automatic transfer switch prevents one of the energy sources from being activated while the other is active.

What should be taken into consideration when purchasing switchgear products?

When buying switchgear products Particular attention should be paid to the selection of products that protect the circuit. The high quality and long life of the elements that protect the circuit make both the devices and the other elements that make up the circuit long-lasting. Selection of contactor among switchgear products is important. When choosing a contactor, technical parameters such as the number of poles of the contactor, the power and current passing through the main contact, coil voltage, and the number of internal auxiliary contacts should be taken into consideration.

You Can Obtain the Highest Quality Switchgear Products from Galip Engineering!

There are some technical factors to consider when purchasing switchgear products. The most suitable and high quality switchgear products for your electrical devices Galip Engineering Electrical You can obtain it from dealers.

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