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Hand Tools and Auxiliary Products

Hand tools and auxiliary products, They are tools and equipment that are operated instead of engines. Since the stone age, people have used auxiliary products to make their lives easier. Although each of these devices has a different function, they make our lives much easier.

What are the uses of hand tools and auxiliary products?

Hand tools and auxiliary products are devices and equipment that have many functions and various types. Almost every function, process or application has its own specific tool designed to perform this task. It is necessary to choose the right tool for the right job.

Hand tools are used in jobs that require manual power, such as chopping, mincing, sawing, rasping, and forging. Auxiliary tools generally required to assist in shaping;

  • Nail,
  • Holding hammers and nails
  • Tools such as rulers, dividers, and squares are used to facilitate measurements.

Hand tools and auxiliary products require the use of force. There are many kinds of auxiliary products such as wooden hand tools, cutting tools, pliers, wrenches and so on. They are made from high quality raw materials. It's not just a matter of buying the tools, it's a matter of using them correctly for the right job. Many users complain that the tools are broken or not working well. The reason for this is not knowing how to use the tools correctly. This can make use more dangerous. For example;

  • Cutting wires with pliers,
  • Damaging the edge by disabling the tool,
  • It is common to use heavy pliers, such as a hammer, to drive the nail into the wall.

What are Hand Tools and Auxiliary Products?

There are hand tools and auxiliary products for many areas and uses. The most important of these and the ones that should be found in almost every home are as follows;

  • Screwdriver; It is used to install, remove, tighten and loosen the screw. The tip may vary depending on the shape of the screw. Both plastic handles and metal handles are available.
  • pliers; It is a multi-purpose tool that allows you to easily hold and straighten an object. cable cutting, It is functional in situations such as holding, squeezing and similar situations.
  • Control pen; It is the simplest electrical test device that detects whether there is current in all cables, sockets and loads originating from low voltage fuse boxes, with or without contact. It is very important for safety precaution before starting work.
  • Skp crimping pliers; In terms of usage, it is similar to normal pliers. cable stripping or electricity such as trimming the ends cable stripping It allows the work to be done easily.
  • side chisel; It is a tool used to cut materials that cannot be made by hand, such as electrical wires. Although it is very practical, it is a product suitable for most repair jobs. Their sizes and shapes may vary depending on the size and area of use.
  • Ferrule crimping; It is an important product in terms of safety because it is obtained from non-conductive products. Ferrule crimping tools are used for tasks such as cutting or crimping wires to connect them to another device. If you want to have these products as a set to use them for such purposes, they are multi-purpose. connector crimping You can also buy tools such as tool.
  • Susta; It is especially used to open clogged sinks and pipes. It also provides great convenience for electrical installations that need to be placed inside pipes.
  • Cable pulley; It is used to wrap ropes and plastic hoses, especially cables. Large capacity rollers not only take up less space on the product being wrapped, but they are also very easy to use.
  • Spray; There are many varieties. The most preferred one is silicone spray. It is used for long-term protection of parts such as metal, rubber and plastic. In addition to the protection function, it also has the maintenance function and isolation function. Sprays, such as adhesive and paint spray, are very easy and fast to use.
  • Cable slider; It is an excellent type of lubricant for trouble-free pulling of low voltage cables and wires. Ease of use is increased with the sliding device. It facilitates cable entry and prevents damage.
  • Crochet; It is a connection auxiliary product that enables laying cables and pipes in gypsum of electrical installations.
  • Dowel; in the construction site, on walls, ceilings, panels, etc. It is a piece that is inserted into a hole on the surface to fix the screws. It fixes the screws to the wall more securely and also causes less damage to the wall. Since it is not forced with a hammer, the invisible parts are not damaged.

What Should You Consider When Buying Hand Tools and Auxiliary Products?

When purchasing products, it is necessary to pay attention to many factors for safety and cost. Things to consider when buying hand tools and auxiliary products:

  • Purchasing products that meet your needs will increase your productivity.
  • It is necessary to purchase hand tools that reduce the risk of injury. The right products should be preferred for the operations to be performed.
  • Ease of use and durability are factors to consider when purchasing hand tools.

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