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Compensation Products

It is used to meet the reactive energy needed by electrically powered devices. compensation products, It prevents users from paying reactive electricity costs. These energy-saving products are also preferred to reduce costs.

The compensation process prevents the reactive energy used in the devices from being used more than the rates specified in the regulations. Electrical energy must be delivered to users with minimum loss. Compensation process is one of the methods that achieve this. In this way, the energy of the active power in the power lines increases.

Compensation systems installed in facilities prevent users from paying reactive costs while also reducing energy costs. Electrical energy should be used efficiently. In workplaces that cannot produce anything without electricity, the phase between voltage and current must be kept close to zero. This is how compensation systems prevent transmission and distribution lines from being overloaded.

What are Compensation Products?

Compensation products must be used to keep the reactive power within certain ranges. In fact, the most important purpose in the use of all these products is energy saving. Reactive power compensations consist of certain products.

Compensation systems are designed by expert electrical engineers. A correctly developed reactive power compensation will also prevent paying inductive and capacitive energy costs. The products used in the compensation panel can be listed as follows:

  • Reactive Power Control Relays
  • capacitors
  • Industrial Series Shunt Reactors
  • Compensation Contactors
  • Harmonic filter reactors
  • Communication products
  • inductive load driver

Compensation panels containing all these products are made with the help of trigonometric calculations. Reactive power is calculated according to active power. The compensation panel can be easily designed according to the reactive power value.

Every business that does not want to pay invoices with reactive costs should have this panel made by expert hands. At the same time, routine maintenance should not be neglected. A properly functioning compensation system is required for a facility operating at maximum efficiency.

What Do Compensation Products Do?

Now let's see what these parts used in compensation do. When it comes to reactive compensation unit, one of the most important products is reactive relays It is known as. Relays that control the reactive power of the facility serve to bring the value of the power coefficient to the power coefficient required and set by the user.

Devices that compensate for inductive reactive load capacitors It is called. They should be chosen to be resistant to adverse conditions. They are divided into two: single-phase or three-phase. The compensation contactor located on the panel is also used to control the capacitors.

The function of Shunt Reactors in compensation systems is to eliminate and balance capacitive energy. shunt reactorWhen producing inductive loads with s, businesses do not pay reactive penalties.

Load drivers in the panels are used to balance the capacitive power generated in the facility. To keep all instantaneous changes and phase imbalances under control load driver is used.

What are the Compensation Product Types?

In compensation systems for facilities;

  • Reactive power control relay,
  • shunt reactor,
  • Inductive load drivers,
  • circuit breaker,
  • current transformer,
  • static contactor,
  • compensation contactor,
  • Capacitors and many other communication products are used.

Thanks to this system installed in compensation panels, it is aimed to bring the total reactive power closer to "0". Panels created with the design of all these products become mandatory in businesses when the contract power is above 9 kW.

For a facility without compensation, in addition to active power, the electrical grid uses a current in reactive power. With this excessive current transmission, reactive penalty fee may be paid. As the cables overheat, the voltage drops. All kinds of system malfunctions may occur and energy saving is out of the question.

What Should Be Considered When Buying Compensation Products?

It should not be forgotten that there is an expert and expert in every job. The benefits of compensation systems for facilities are countless. When creating these systems, you should definitely choose the products you need from experts. Since Galip Engineering comes from this field, it does not only supply products. It also offers the necessary foresight and knowledge.

Healthy functioning compensation systems achieve their purpose. Otherwise, energy savings cannot be achieved and material and moral damage will occur. Be sure to get help from engineers when installing the most suitable and effective compensation systems for your business. In order to create a panel, the products purchased must meet certain standards. Quality material serves the purpose and will serve for many more years.

For this reason, compensation products use quality materials and equipment under expert supervision. communication products It is important to choose. After installing your panels, you should also check them routinely. It is important not to neglect the maintenance of a system as well as installing it.

Try to purchase your products from reliable suppliers. Choose compensation products whose quality you are sure of and which you can provide under the supervision of engineers.

The Best Quality Compensation Products are at Galip Engineering!

Making quality choices in every job and service always pays off. Compensation systems that direct your business and facilities to save electricity should also be installed with the help of reliable hands. Acting with the understanding of supplying superior quality materials and trust Galip Engineering Electrical, continues to serve with its experience.

You can find compensation products everywhere, but you need to be at the right place to create an efficient and purposeful panel. The engineering company, which offers proven quality products from almost every sector in addition to its affordable prices, is becoming more and more preferred day by day.

It is important to follow technology and catch up with current developments without skipping or missing. With its wide product range, you can find all products related to compensation from A to Z here. Answers to any questions you may have are also possible here.

Your businesses no longer have to pay more electricity costs than necessary, and you can make the biggest contribution to the country's economy as a facility. Compensation panels that provide long-term service are waiting for you with products you procure from the right place.

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