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Founded in 1996, Erse Kablo attracts attention with its success and experience in the sector. The production area of the brand, which adopts the concept of perfect service, is low current cables. Erse Kablo, which has extremely modern production facilities, continues its activities in Istanbul. The brand, which stands out with its quality service that satisfies its customers, continues its manufacturing and logistics activities in a 20,000 m2 closed area established on an area of 25,000 m2 in Silivri.

Erse Kablo, which has a strong engineer staff, manages to meet customers' expectations with its R&D department. The brand, which carries out quality and product-oriented work, does not neglect to follow innovations. The brand's product range includes:

  • signal control,
  • coaxial,
  • Communication,
  • Fire proof,
  • data communication,
  • Communication,
  • There is a special cable. Among Erse brands:
  • Ervital Fire Safe,
  • Ervital,
  • Erflex,
  • Erlin,
  • Fire Safe Gold Cable is included.

Providing manufacturing in accordance with both national and international standards, Erse Kablo impresses with its sustainable quality. The brand, which adheres to quality standards and adopts an environmentally friendly working approach, has VDE, TSE, MPA, REACH, LPCB, SASO, RoHS, CE product certificates.

Erse Kablo price list shows both wholesale and retail electrical product prices. You can compare the prices of the products you need and contact us for warranty. In addition, you can shop effortlessly through our online shopping site.

Price lists:

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