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The project is an important element in architecture and electric project is also among these elements. Learning the details of this project, which is essential to be implemented in residences and various facilities, enables the person to gain knowledge about electrical project service.

What is an Electricity Project?

ProjectIt includes documents that are important to obtain a building permit. Among the architectural projects electrical installation project It is a drawing in which all electrical connections, calculations, materials and tables of a house or facility are clearly shown. This drawing is created in accordance with the laws and principles in force for all electrical installations that will meet the energy needs of a building.

The drawing, made in full detail on a computer, is based on the intended use of the structure:

  • fire notification,
  • Lighting,
  • Power point,
  • Dubbing,
  • Security

It is done by determining needs such as.

Measurement is made according to the project created in accordance with the regulations, the required materials are purchased and the cost of the project is determined. Then the implementation phase of the project begins.

What are the Types of Electrical Projects?

It is possible to list the types of electrical projects as follows:

Internal Installation Projects

  • Lighting installation drawing,
  • TV and satellite installation drawing,
  • Electrical installation drawing,
  • Single line scheme,
  • Camera installation drawing,
  • Strong flow column diagram.

Medium Voltage Projects

  • Survey list,
  • Transformer center projects,
  • Calculations,
  • Energy transmission line projects.

Generator License Projects

  • Transfer projects,
  • generator projects,
  • Generator distribution projects.

Solar Energy Projects

  • Survey list,
  • Solar power plant projects,
  • Calculations.

How to Prepare an Electrical Project?

Electrical project drawing The stages can be listed as follows:

  • In order to prepare the electrical installation project, the architectural project must first be found. This project is important for the separation of flats, shops, basements and attic plans.
  • In order to make areas such as attics, flats, shops and basements ready for the electrical project, areas that do not have working areas are cleaned. For example; A cleaner working environment can be achieved by erasing the exterior and interior measurements, flooring, wall color writings and plaster in the architectural project.
  • Electronic and electrical interior installation projects are prepared in accordance with the applicable regulations, laws and EMO project standards.
  • Electrical installation project rules These include the preparation of projects at architectural project scales. If the scale is not compatible with the organization of the project, it can be enlarged and descriptive details can be added.
  • A single plan is given for the same floors in the floor plans. However, even if the normal floor is identical to the ground floor, it should be drawn separately.
  • High current project, weak current project and soil project are prepared.
  • In high current projects, lighting and socket lines must be separate. Socket lines and socket lines must be provided with a copper conductor with a minimum cross-section of 2.5 mm. All sockets must be grounded, and the intended use and power of the sockets must be stated.
  • Lighting lines must be provided through a copper conductor with a minimum cross section of 1.5 mm.
  • A maximum of 7 sockets must be installed in the socket line, and a maximum of 9 lamps must be installed in the lighting line.
  • When placing lighting, fuse boxes and sockets, care should be taken to place them on the beam.
  • In an electrical project, splice boxes and junction boxes should not be placed next to reinforced concrete beams unless necessary.
  • Some architectural details such as skylights, columns, chimneys and shafts should be specified in the prepared project. Additionally, plumbing should not pass around the chimney or through the chimney.
  • The layout of areas such as kitchens and bathrooms should be shown on floor plans. Switches and junction boxes to be used in wet areas should not be located outside the wet area.
  • Sockets should be positioned 40 cm above the floor, switches 110 cm above, junction boxes 200 cm above the floor, wall lamps 190 cm above the floor, tables 220 cm above the floor, all these elements should be positioned 30 cm from doors, 50 cm from windows and wall junctions.
  • In weak current projects, two drawings are made: on gravel and on concrete.
  • Electrical project drawing includes column diagrams, grounding calculation, loading and table tables, heating calculation, details, voltage drop and symbols.

Drawings made taking into account the electrical installation project rules greatly reduce the occurrence of any disruptions and errors in the project. If these rules are neglected, it may become difficult to get the targeted efficiency from the project.

Who Prepares the Electricity Project?

The electrical installation project is prepared by electrical engineers. Electrical installation engineer:

  • Conducting field research and feasibility studies,
  • Checking the electrical project drawing,
  • Preparing an offer,
  • Preparing electrical products and systems,
  • Assisting in keeping electrical components and equipment within the project budget,
  • Preparing organization and project execution schedule,
  • Supervising the progress of the work,
  • Communicating errors detected in the project to the contractor company,
  • Preparing a report based on the conformity and quality criteria included in the contract,
  • Working in collaboration with the internal project team,
  • Assisting with the tender submission procedure.

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