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Insurance for your shopping is from Siemens

  • The campaign is valid between 15 April and 25 April 2024.
  • The campaign is only valid for the “Automatic Insurance (MCB)” product group in the printed Siemens price list published on October 2, 2023.
  • Products included in the campaign based on the NET invoice price %8 worth of DigiPoints will be loaded.
  • The invoice date and DigiPoint request must be within the campaign dates (15 April - 25 April 2024). DigiPoints must be requested from the Siemens authorized dealers from whom the purchase was made, there is no need to upload an online invoice via
  • Siemens reserves the right to change any campaign.
  • The campaign is limited to stocks and the right to terminate is reserved by Siemens.
  • Lower limit (net invoice amount excluding VAT): 10,000 TL
  • Gift voucher upper limit amount / earnings per company: 200,000 TL
  • To participate in the campaign You must be a member of the site.
  • Earned DigiPoints May 10, 2024 It will be uploaded to user accounts on May 24, 2024 DigiPoints can be converted into gift vouchers until . After this date, points will be deleted.
  • Earned DigiPoints can only be viewed on the profile and campaign pages of the designated company official, and only the company official has the authority to spend them.
  • Earned DigiPoints / gift vouchers cannot be converted into cash or discount.
  • Valid only for purchases made from Siemens dealers.
  • Service fees and taxes are not included in the Digipoints to be earned within the scope of the campaign.

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