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Wholesale and retail It is carried out according to the amount of product required by customers. Thus, no inconvenience is experienced and the desired product is supplied in the desired quantity.

Galip Engineering is a wholesale electrical products supplier that stands out in the electrical industry with its quality products and reliable service. The company, which has been serving the sector for years, aims to provide solutions to the needs of its customers by offering a wide range of electrical products.

Galip Engineering operates with an understanding that always prioritizes customer satisfaction and emphasizes reliability and quality. It aims to make things easier for its customers by offering them reliable and certified electrical products with the latest technologies. It offers its customers products such as electrical panels, cables, fuses, sockets, lighting products, energy distribution equipment and many different electrical materials with a wide stock.

The basis of Galip Engineering's success lies in its experienced and expert staff. The team, which closely follows the developments in the sector, is expert in offering the most up-to-date and most suitable solutions to its customers. Thanks to its customer-oriented approach, it offers customized solutions by taking into account the needs of each customer.

The company has the ability to deliver quickly and on time, thanks to its strong supplier relationships and logistics network. It helps customers fulfill their orders as soon as possible and continue their business processes without disrupting them.

Galip Engineering has a leading position in the wholesale electrical products industry with its customer-oriented approach, wide product range, quality products and on-time delivery approach. The company always prioritizes customer satisfaction and maintains its leadership in the sector with its innovative solutions and reliable service.

Wholesale Electrical Products

Wholesale means offering a product for sale in bulk. The customer can make wholesale or retail purchases by determining how many units of a product he needs. This is a form of supply that makes the person or business economically comfortable. Businesses that make sales Wholesale They have the opportunity to purchase as many products as they wish.

The name, which maintains the dealership of many electrical companies, keeps hundreds of different products in stock. This makes it possible to reach the desired product easily. Galip Elektrik, which started its activities with electrical contracting works in 1989, expanded its field of activity in a short time and started to sell electrical materials. The company continues to sell electrical materials today and has many different products.

Within Galip Engineering Electric:

  • low and medium voltage cables,
  • Lighting fixture and bulb,
  • electrical installation materials,
  • low voltage switchgear products,
  • Generator,
  • Smart home systems,
  • Compensation products,
  • Key and socket,
  • energy cables,
  • Industrial automation products,
  • Data communication and telecommunication cables,
  • fire alarm systems,
  • Power and distribution transformers,
  • There are medium voltage cells and transformer centers.

All required electrical materials can be purchased from Galip Mühendislik Elektrik, both wholesale and retail. The desired product can be selected from dozens of brands in line with the needs of businesses or individuals. Each brand has experience in its own field and produces quality materials. From this perspective Galip Engineering Electrical You can choose with peace of mind among the brands available.

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