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Günsan Elektrik started its activities in 1982 by manufacturing electrical accessories and switch sockets. Günsan, which moved to its industrial facility in 1995 where production continues today, continues its production activities with the knowledge and experience it has gained. Aiming to make the lives of its customers more comfortable and of higher quality, the name continues to provide the best service by developing innovative products.

Bringing innovative and high-quality products that meet all requirements to its customers, Günsan manages to gain trust thanks to the strong communication it establishes with both its employees and customers. With its modesty, sincerity, stability and tradition, the brand in question carries out manufacturing focused on customer satisfaction. The company, which has a working approach that respects the environment and people, maintains its effectiveness with years of experience.

Delivering the products requested by the customers as soon as possible, Günsan manages to gain the appreciation and admiration of the customers by offering multiple payment options. Günsan price list includes both retail and wholesale material prices. You can compare the prices of the products you need and contact us through our communication channels to place an order.

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