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Wago, which started its operations in 1951, manages to be among the leading names in its field that provides reliable and permanent solutions. The fact that a reliable connection to all interfaces is essential in a digitalizing and complex world reveals the importance of the existence of the brand in question. Acting with the deep knowledge and experience it has gained, Wago promises to provide the best service to its customers by blending engineering with innovation.

Wago manages to stand out with its success in meeting demands. It contains:

  • signal conditioners,
  • power supplies,
  • voltage converters,
  • Interface modules,
  • It plans customers' tasks safely with its products such as system cabling solutions.

Continuing its work with a people-oriented approach, Wago is a brand that has received many awards for its employment activities. The name that has gained everyone's trust with its holistic solutions continues to maintain its commitment to the principle of sustainability.

The price values of the products are shown in the Wago price list. You can compare these values effortlessly by examining the price of the service you need. You can use our communication channels to place an order and shop easily on our website.

Price lists:

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