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Schneider Electric

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Specializing in energy management and digital automation, Schneider Electric is one of the leading names among multinational European companies. The name that addresses residences, infrastructure, data centers, buildings and industries was founded by Eugene and Adolpe Schneider. The company, headquartered in France, continues to provide services worldwide. Within the scope of Schneider electricity:

  • home automation,
  • building automation,
  • Socket and switch,
  • industrial control systems,
  • Industrial security systems,
  • Electrical network automation,
  • electrical power distribution,
  • Critical power and cooling for data centers,
  • Smart grid production is provided.

The name, which has reached 166,025 employees as of 2021, has dozens of different subsidiaries. The brand, which aims to be the digital business partner of its customers in terms of efficiency and sustainability, stands out as one of the most local among global companies.

The values of both retail and wholesale electrical materials are shown in the Schneider electricity price list. You can compare the price values of all the products you need and use our communication channels to place an order. In addition, you can easily shop on our website.

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