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ACK Electric, which has made a name for itself in the lighting and electricity sector, works to offer the most effective solution to the expectations and demands in the sector. With its experience and expert opinion, ACK Elektrik exhibits an innovative, dynamic and progressive approach. Focusing on customer satisfaction, the company aims to meet the needs of its customers in the best way possible. Acting with the understanding of mutual trust, the name draws attention with its emphasis on continuity in quality.

ACK, which continues its efforts to improve the quality of manufacturing, products and customer service, responds to all kinds of lighting needs. The company provides savings to its customers by offering economical alternatives and produces projects according to needs. Aiming to make its employees much more knowledgeable and equipped, the company aims to achieve success on an international scale.

Within ACK:

  • outdoor lighting,
  • indoor lighting,
  • LED bulb,
  • industrial lighting,
  • LED strip,
  • neon hose,
  • decoration lights,
  • It manufactures products such as outdoor LED strips. And also:
  • Door bell,
  • Time clock,
  • controller,
  • fly killer,
  • table top lamps,
  • sensors,
  • It also continues to produce tools such as emergency products.

The ACK lighting price list shows both wholesale and retail lighting materials prices. You can compare the price values of the products you need. To order products, you can use our communication channels and purchase products effortlessly from our online site.

Price lists:

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