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Pelsan Lighting is among the country's leading companies in the fields of manufacturing, export and employment. Pelsan, which has made a name for itself with its nearly 40 years of experience and knowledge, draws attention with its 30,000 m2 closed area and 450 employees. The company, which manufactures approximately 5 million lighting fixtures a year, exports to 65 countries. The name that does not compromise on quality offers the best service by focusing on customer satisfaction.

Pelsan, with its strong and well-equipped engineers:

  • Optical,
  • Heat,
  • electrical,
  • He realizes mechanical designs.

The Lighting Laboratory established by the company is accredited and registered by the Turkish Accreditation Agency. With this laboratory, products are subjected to all necessary tests and then documented. The company continues to produce luminaires suitable for LED technology, which has recently developed and become widespread.

The main product groups of Pelsa, which designs projects specifically for spaces and offers lighting design services:

  • outdoor lighting,
  • interior lighting,
  • Lamp,
  • Equipment,
  • It is listed as industrial lighting.

Pelsan considers it its duty to invest in universities and donates lighting laboratories to these educational institutions. In addition, it offers internship and job opportunities to students within the scope of the PMTP program.

Wholesale and retail product prices are shown in the Pelsan lighting price list. You can compare the price values of all the products you need and use our communication channels to place an order. In addition, you can easily obtain product warranty from our online shopping site.

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