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Philips, a well-established name founded in 1891, finds its place among the world's largest electronic companies. The company, headquartered in the Netherlands, operates in more than 60 countries. It includes:

  • home appliances,
  • consumer electronics,
  • medical systems,
  • Personal care products,
  • The brand, which has a wide range of production such as lighting, has employed thousands of people, reaching 81,592 employees as of 2020.

The brand continues to renew its products within the framework of innovations brought by technology and aims to meet every need in the best way. Adopting people- and innovation-oriented work as a principle, Philips manages to stand out with the quality communication it establishes with customers. The fact that the brand, which offers quality products to its customers, continues its activities with satisfaction in mind, once again reveals the importance it attaches to its customers.

Philips, which has carried out its activities diligently since the day it was founded, has managed to have a large user base in dozens of countries, including Turkey. Providing the production of robust, long-lasting and durable electronic products, the brand manages to get ahead by eliminating its competitors in providing effective solutions to today's needs.

The price values of the products are stated in the Philips price list. You can compare the prices of the products you need and contact our communication channels to place an order. In addition, you can easily shop from our online shopping site.

Product Code (12NC)Product descriptionDivisionNet price
PHI91500498680131089 TrunkLinea wire whiteArmature €0.66
PHI91500498670131090 TrunkLinea Connector whiteArmature €1.32
PHI91500498600131093 TrunkLinea 4W 3000K wall lamp LEDArmature €4.40
PHI91500498630131096 TrunkLinea 4W 4000K wall lamp LEDArmature €4.40
PHI91500498660131099 TrunkLinea 4W 6500K wall lamp LEDArmature €4.40
PHI91500498590131092 TrunkLinea 7W 3000K wall lamp LEDArmature €5.28
PHI91500498620131095 TrunkLinea 7W 4000K wall lamp LEDArmature €5.28
PHI91500498650131098 TrunkLinea 7W 6500K wall lamp LEDArmature €5.28
PHI91500519600131085 TrunkLinea 9W 3000K wall lamp LEDArmature €6.16
PHI91500519600231085 TrunkLinea 9W 4000K wall lamp LEDArmature €6.16
PHI91500519600331085 TrunkLinea 9W 6500K wall lamp LEDArmature €6.16
PHI91500498580131091 TrunkLinea 13W 3000K wall lamp LEDArmature €7.04
PHI91500498610131094 TrunkLinea 13W 4000K wall lamp LEDArmature €7.04
PHI91500498640131097 TrunkLinea 13W 6500K wall lamp LEDArmature €7.04
PHI911401676007BRP130 LED88/NW 70W 220-240V DM GMArmature €154.00
PHI911401676307BRP131 LED125/NW 100W 220-240V DM GMArmature €187.00
PHI911401676607BRP132 LED175/NW 140W 220-240V DM GMArmature €237.60
PHI911401830283BVP150 LED9/CW PSU 10W SWB G2 GMArmature €9.35
PHI911401831283BVP150 LED18/CW PSU 20W SWB G2 GMArmature €12.65
PHI911401833283BVP150 LED27/CW PSU 30W SWB G2 GMArmature €18.70
PHI911401834283BVP150 LED45/CW PSU 50W SWB G2 GMArmature €26.40
PHI911401835283BVP150 LED63/CW PSU 70W SWB G2 GMArmature €44.00
PHI919933007201BVP150 LED100 CW PSU 100W SWB TRArmature €66.00
PHI919933007401BVP150 LED150 CW PSU 150W SWB TRArmature €83.60
PHI919933007601BVP150 LED200 CW PSU 200W SWB TRArmature €105.60
PHI911401640107BY239P LED120/CW PSU GM G2Armature €154.00
PHI911401640207BY239P LED120/NW PSU GM G2Armature €154.00
PHI911401640307BY239P LED180/CW PSU GM G2Armature €176.00
PHI911401640407BY239P LED180/NW PSU GM G2Armature €176.00
PHI911401640507BY239P LED240/CW PSU GM G2Armature €187.00
PHI911401640607BY239P LED240/NW PSU GM G2Armature €187.00
PHI919933012101RC048B G2 LED38S/840 PSU ED W60L60 NOC TRARMATURE €26.40
PHI919933012201RC048B G2 LED38S/865 PSU ED W60L60 NOC TRARMATURE €26.40
PHI919933013301WT066C G2 CW LED18 L600 PSU TB TRARMATURE €22.00
PHI919933013201WT066C G2 NW LED18 L600 PSU TB TRARMATURE €22.00
PHI919933013501WT066C G2 CW LED36 L1200 PSU TB TRARMATURE €26.40
PHI919933013401WT066C G2 NW LED36 L1200 PSU TB TRARMATURE €26.40
PHI919933013701WT066C G2 CW LED45 L1500 PSU TB TRARMATURE €33.00
PHI919933013601WT066C G2 NW LED45 L1500 PSU TB TRARMATURE €30.80
PHI911401841702BRC010 LED10/765PSOLAR €74.80
PHI911401841602BRC010 LED20/765PSOLAR €101.20
PHI911401841502BRC010 LED40/765PSOLAR €140.80
PHI911401827202BVC080 LED6/765SOLAR €66.00
PHI911401827302BVC080 LED9/765SOLAR €88.00
PHI911401827402BVC080 LED15/765SOLAR €110.00
PHI911401836002BVP080 LED10/757 060 G2SOLAR €140.80
PHI911401835902BVP080 LED20/757 100 G2SOLAR €237.60
PHI911401835802BVP080 LED30/757 150 G2SOLAR €325.60
PHI911401836102BVP080 LED48/757 200 G2SOLAR €404.80
PHI911401836402BWS010 LED50/765SOLAR €11.00
PHI911401836302BWS010 LED100/765SOLAR €18.48
PHI911401836202BWS010 LED300/765SOLAR €22.88
PHI92900319180259441 MESON 080 3.5W 30K WH recessed TRLED €3.08
PHI92900319190259441 MESON 080 3.5W 40K WH recessed TRLED €3.08
PHI92900319200259441 MESON 080 3.5W 65K WH recessed TRLED €3.08
PHI92900319210259447 MESON 090 5.5W 30K WH recessed TRLED €3.96
PHI92900319220259447 MESON 090 5.5W 40K WH recessed TRLED €3.96
PHI92900319230259447 MESON 090 5.5W 65K WH recessed TRLED €3.96
PHI92900319240259448 MESON 105 7.5W 30K WH recessed TRLED €4.84
PHI92900319250259448 MESON 105 7.5W 40K WH recessed TRLED €4.84
PHI92900319260259448 MESON 105 7.5W 65K WH recessed TRLED €4.84
PHI91500580570159464 MESON 125 12.5W 30K WH recessedLED €6.60
PHI91500580580159464 MESON 125 12.5W 40K WH recessedLED €6.60
PHI91500580590159464 MESON 125 12.5W 65K WH recessedLED €6.60
PHI91500580630159466 MESON 150 16.5W 30K WH recessedLED €7.48
PHI91500580640159466 MESON 150 16.5W 40K WH recessedLED €7.48
PHI91500580650159466 MESON 150 16.5W 65K WH recessedLED €7.48
PHI91500580690159469 MESON 175 20W 30K WH recessedLED €8.36
PHI91500580700159469 MESON 175 20W 40K WH recessedLED €8.36
PHI91500580710159469 MESON 175 20W 65K WH recessedLED €8.36
PHI91500580720159471 MESON 200 23.5W 30K WH recessedLED €9.24
PHI91500580730159471 MESON 200 23.5W 40K WH recessedLED €9.24
PHI91500580740159471 MESON 200 23.5W 65K WH recessedLED €9.24
PHI915005778801CL200 EC RD 17W 27K W HV 06LED €. 17.60
PHI915005778901CL200 EC RD 17W 40K W HV 06LED €17.60
PHI915005777601CL200 EC RD 6W 27K W HV 06LED €11.00
PHI915005777701CL200 EC RD 6W 40K W HV 06LED €11.00
PHI929002495202CorePro LEDcapsule 2-25W ND G9 827LED €7.39
PHI929002495302CorePro LEDcapsule 2-25W ND G9 830LED €7.39
PHI929002389002CorePro LEDcapsuleLV 1.8-20W G4 827LED €5.81
PHI929001218102Corepro LEDspot 4.6-50W GU10 830 36DLED €3.52
PHI929002495902CorePro LEDspot 4-50W GU10 827 36D DIMLED €3.31
PHI929002068302CorePro LEDspot 4-50W GU10 830 36D DIMLED €3.31
PHI929002065802CorePro LEDspot 4-50W GU10 840 36D DIMLED €3.31
PHI929001276022Ecofit LEDtube 1200mm 16W 840 T8 ILED €4.44
PHI929001276122Ecofit LEDtube 1200mm 16W 865 T8 ILED €4.44
PHI929001338122Ecofit LEDtube 1500mm 20W 840 T8 ILED €6.10
PHI929001338222Ecofit LEDtube 1500mm 20W 865 T8 ILED €6.10
PHI929001276222Ecofit LEDtube 600mm 8W 840 T8 ILED €3.70
PHI929001276322Ecofit LEDtube 600mm 8W 865 T8 ILED €3.70
PHI929002305028ESS LEDBulb 13W E27 3000K 1CT/12 TRLED €2.13
PHI929002305328ESS LEDBulb 13W E27 6500K 1CT/12 TRLED €2.13
PHI929002306268ESS LEDBulb 8-60W E27 2700K 1CT/12 TRLED €1.41
PHI929002306468ESS LEDBulb 8-60W E27 6500K 1CT/12 TRLED €1.41
PHI929001250487ESS LEDspots 50W GU10 827 36D ND TRLED €1.48
PHI929003132387ESS LEDspots 50W GU10 830 36D ND TRLED €1.48
PHI929001247087ESS LEDspots 50W GU10 840 36D ND TRLED €1.48
PHI929001259187ESS LEDspots 50W GU10 865 36D ND TRLED €1.48
PHI929002306567LEDBulb 10-75W E27 2700K 1PF/12 TRLED €1.96

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