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Uğur Işık, which started its services in Şişhane, Istanbul in 2000, made its name known in the Turkish market as Cata in 2001. The name, which has grown rapidly since the day it started its operations, manages to make a name for itself with its customer satisfaction-oriented working principle. Cata, the source of new trends, works to increase satisfaction by offering a wide range of quality products.

The prominent name in the lighting industry distinguishes itself from its competitors with its reliability and pioneering nature. It serves customers' lighting needs in high quality and at affordable prices. Providing long-term solutions is among Cata's prominent missions. The company, which produces human- and nature-friendly products, is making rapid progress towards becoming more well-known with its state-of-the-art products.

Within Cata lighting:

  • smart products,
  • decorative led wall lamps,
  • Surge protected sockets,
  • decorative pendants,
  • Lighting and RGB controls,
  • bulbs,
  • garden fixtures,
  • Backlight, slim LED panels and cases,
  • Decorative glass spotlights,
  • Smoke detector, lamp holder, speaker and igniter,
  • Solar powered solar products,
  • corridor fixtures,
  • Remote bells,
  • Exit outlet luminaires,
  • LED projectors,
  • LED spot fixtures,
  • Many products such as table lamps are manufactured.

The values of both wholesale and retail lighting products are shown in the Cata lighting price list. You can compare the price values of all the products you need and contact our communication channels to provide assurance. Additionally, you can provide product warranty from our online site.

Price lists:

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