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Founded in 1980, Entes is a brand that aims to provide clear solutions regarding the quality and efficiency of energy. The name, which is among the leading technology companies, continues to work with great determination in its field. Aiming to find effective solutions to the specific needs of its customers, Entes makes energy controllable in order to do the job at as low cost as possible.

Entes, which uses 0 domestic capital, is among the names that show stable growth. The name, which has dealers spread throughout Turkey, has 11 regional directorates. This ensures that the brand has the strongest technical support and distribution network in the industry. Based on customer satisfaction, Entes attracts attention with its market experience in 107 different countries abroad.

Entes electronics:

  • Measuring,
  • Tracing,
  • Control,
  • It manufactures protection systems.

At the end of the brand's manufacturing process, the final products are tested for compliance with KEMA-DEKRA, CE, GOST-R, IEC, SASO, MID, TSE, UL certificates. Revision applications are also carried out along with the tests. With its strong corporate structure, Entes provides production activities using the world's most advanced manufacturing systems.

In the Entes electronics price list, both wholesale and retail electrical materials price values are shown. You can compare the prices of all the products you need and contact our communication channels to order products. You can also easily shop from our online shopping site.

Price lists:

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