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Grup Arge

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Founded in 2010, Grup Arge Energy and Control Systems carries out its activities with the awareness of national and domestic manufacturing. Group Arge, which makes positive contributions to the country's economy with the products it develops, aims to continue its effectiveness in the production and development of technology. Adopting a transparent and reliable working approach, the company focuses on growth both at home and abroad.

Within Grup R&D:

  • compensation,
  • Energy monitoring and management,
  • It provides energy measurement and control services.

Grup Arge, which produces definitive solutions to reactive energy problems as a result of its R&D and field experience in the field of energy, achieves success with its user-friendly and innovative products. Rapid and uncontrolled consumption of limited energy resources shows the necessity of energy efficiency. In order to leave a more livable world to the next generations, it is necessary to prevent energy waste. The Group does what is necessary by concentrating its R&D efforts on waste prevention.

With its expert staff, many completed projects and 13 years of experience, Grup Arge deserves to be among the pioneers of the sector. Grup R&D services continue to increase the energy efficiency of businesses.

Service price values are included in the Group R&D services price list. You can compare the price values of any product you need and use our communication channels to provide assurance. In addition, you can shop effortlessly from our online shopping site.

Price lists:

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