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Asya Metal

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Asya Metal, which has been serving for many years with its profile types, galvanized, corrugated and trapezoidal sheet options, is known as one of the most important names in the sector in this sense. The company, which has been selling wholesale and retail products in this field since 2003, continues to operate in the sector with its years of experience and knowledge.

Asya Metal, which has continued to develop and serve since the day it was founded, is known for having an extremely young and dynamic staff. Thanks to this feature, the company can offer the most successful solution for its customers' projects and ensure customer satisfaction.

While it is possible to come across many different products belonging to the Asya Metal brand, you can have pregalvanized grounding strips through our company, Galip Mühendislik Elektrik. Moreover, you can also obtain other electrical products you are looking for in line with your needs from our Galip Mühendislik Elektrik company.

Wholesale and retail prices are shown in the pregalvanized grounding strip price list of Asya Metal brand. You can compare the prices of pregalvanized grounding strips and other products you need, and use our communication channels to place an order. You can also shop with one click on our online shopping site.

Price lists:

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