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Bemis, which started its activities in Bursa in 1994, is a company established to manufacture industrial electrical materials. The name, which managed to become the pioneer of its sector in a short time, attracts attention with its modern production facility in Bursa Organized Industrial Zone. The company, which carries out domestic production of 0 in a closed area of 11,000 m2, continues to produce 6,000 types of industrial electrical materials.

 Bemis stands out with its UKRSERPRO, CE, GOST-R, ISO 9001-2015 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, TÜV and TSE quality certificates. It continues to maintain its leadership in the sector with its experienced, trained and equipped team. Aiming to become a world brand, Bemis says, “Quality is the expression of respect!” Acting with its slogan, it moves towards its goal step by step. Among the names that appear in the domestic and foreign markets:

  • arc welding,
  • single phase,
  • CEE norm,
  • three phase,
  • high amperage,
  • Interlock,
  • Polybox,
  • Caravan type products,
  • Combination,
  • Powerbox,
  • ABS panels,
  • junction box,
  • Pulley,
  • Lighting,
  • multi-contact,
  • Drums,
  • Spare part,
  • It manufactures and sells construction site panels.

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Price lists:

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