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Galmes, which started its operations in 2012, continues to serve the electricity, industry and construction sectors. The brand, which has been manufacturing in an area of 2500 m2 as of 2015, continues to develop new products in the sector it serves. Galmes, which designs products specifically for the customer, aims to make its production focused on customer satisfaction. The company has been using the latest technological manufacturing techniques since its establishment:

  • Standing type internal welded panel,
  • Freestanding type internal modular panel,
  • Standing type external welded panel,
  • Fuse distribution panels surface mounted,
  • Wall type panels with base sheet,
  • Fuse distribution panels flush mounted,
  • LV transformer panels,
  • Single phase flush mounted meter panels,
  • Single phase surface mounted meter panels,
  • Three-phase surface-mounted meter panels,
  • It manufactures three-phase flush-mounted meter panels.

Galmes has TS EN 61537, TS EN 62208 and ISO 9001-2008 quality certificates. With its strong engineering infrastructure and advanced technology, the name in question manages to take its place among the most important brands of the Black Sea. Aiming to be a solution partner to customers, the brand stands out by giving importance to ethical rules in trade throughout its service.

Galmes product price list includes both wholesale and retail product prices. You can compare the price values of all the products you need and use our communication channels to place an order. It is also possible to shop easily through our online shopping site.

Price lists:

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