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Kartaş Aydınlatma

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Kartaş Lighting operates in 81 countries and abroad with our professional and well-equipped staff, and continues to improve its production and service quality with years of experience; offers a wide range of products in the road, street, park and garden lighting group.

Kartaş Lighting leads the lighting industry with its modern, aesthetic and quality-oriented approach with today's technology and serves our valued customers.

  • ABS and Acrylic Lantern Poles,
  • Flagpoles,
  • Bollards & Lawn Lighting,
  • Decorative Lighting Poles,
  • camera poles,
  • Classic Lighting Poles,
  • LED Luminaire,
  • Modern LED Lighting Poles,
  • Projector,
  • City Furniture,
  • street fixture,
  • The company, which has products such as High Lighting Poles, has many certificates that comply with quality standards.

From our website, which continues to host different products and diversity in the electricity sector. You can find products from every field to meet your needs. You can compare prices from the price catalogs in accordance with our transparency policy.

If you want to do your shopping safely and quickly, you can contact us using our communication channels or order products online from our website.

Price lists:

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