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Metop, which has successfully made a name for itself in the manufacturing of electrical and installation materials, continues to offer the best service to its customers with its superior experience and knowledge. Adopting a customer-oriented service approach and striving to be the best in its field, Metop stands out with the quality product range it produces. The name that carries out its work in a reliable, clean, stable and determined manner continues to grow day by day.

The name, which has 45 years of experience and knowledge, impresses with its use of domestic capital and local techniques. Metop, which has found itself among the leading companies in its sector, offers its long-lasting, durable and functional products to its customers. Within the brand in question:

  • changeover,
  • paco,
  • Lever,
  • The manufacturing of pole changer products is meticulously ensured.

You can see that the prices of both wholesale and retail electrical materials are included in the Metop electricity price list. You can easily compare the price values of all the products you need by looking at the list. You can apply to our communication channels to guarantee the product, and you can also shop effortlessly and quickly on our website.

Price lists:

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