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Stream Group is one of the first investors in Turkey's energy sector and one of the founding partners of the first private electricity companies at a time when electricity production was nationalized.

It is one of the important private companies allowed to engage in commercial activities such as transmission, distribution, wholesale and retail sales in the regional electricity market.

From past to present, Flow Company has a portfolio consisting entirely of renewable energy sources with a natural and social environment-oriented approach. In addition to playing the role of an investor with a strong financial structure, it is a company that has proven itself with safe products and quality by taking part in solar power plant projects in many regions of Turkey within the scope of our EPC activities.

As a company, Aktif stands out with its products in investor and industrial projects and continues its activities with its own professional staff by providing installation services.

You can access Aki products, the assurance of whose products and services are proven by many certificates, on our website. You can order these products, which attract attention with their many products and innovations, with just one click.

It is now very easy to create orders for your needs with price and product catalogues, as well as detailed product descriptions! You can order using our contacts or shop online if you wish.

Price lists:

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