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Hasçelik research company serves as a solution partner for both domestic and foreign manufacturers. Founded in 1968, the company took the name Hasçelik in 1982. In manufacturing facilities located in Konya and Istanbul:

  • Hot rolled special steel,
  • Cold-treated qualified bright steel,
  • Imported seamless pipe materials are distributed and sold.

Having a total of 9 warehouses in 7 provinces, Hasçelik finds its place among Turkey's 500 largest industrial enterprises. It includes:

  • Under the brand name HASMİL, domestic and 0 crack controlled round, square, hexagonal, flat section carbon steel,
  • Alloy steel production is provided. And also:
  • Manufacturing and importing of free-cutting steel under the HASOTOMAT brand,
  • Seamless steel drawn pipes are manufactured under the HASBORU brand.

Hasçelik continues to protect these values with its reliable, innovative, customer-oriented, honest and competitive values. In this way, it continues to be a pioneer in its field. With its Bright special steel production center and special steel rolling mill, Hasçelik aims to provide the highest quality steel service to its customers.

Hasçelik product price list includes both wholesale and retail electrical materials prices. You can compare the values of all the products you need and use our communication channels to place an order. You can also shop easily on our website.

Price lists:

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