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Borsan Kablo

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Borsan Kablo, one of the leading names in the weak current and specially designed cable industry, draws attention as a brand with an extremely wide product range. Borsan Kablo, which has achieved great success both at home and abroad since the day it started operating, continues to produce with its great knowledge.

All Borsan Kablo electrical materials have TSEK, TSE, CPR, UL, VDE, CE, RoHS, EAC and REACH national and international certificates. In addition, these products, which have 97 different AWM Style quality certificates within UL, stand out as the products with the widest UL approval in Turkey.

If we need to briefly talk about the products of the Borsan Kablo brand;

  • Copper power and installation cables
  • Aluminum power and installation cables
  • Weak current and special cables
  • They are wire rod and wires.

Wholesale and retail electrical materials prices are shown in Borsan cable price list. You can compare the prices of any electrical cable or product you need and use our communication channels to place an order. You can also easily shop through our online shopping site.

Price lists:

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