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Hüner Elektrik

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Hüner Elektrik started its operations in 1981. It continues to combine talented copper technology with investment in technology.

The initiative to improve service and quality continues to take strong steps in the electricity sector with Hüner Elektrik products.

It has always adopted the principle of providing the best service to its customers, and its business philosophy is "details are proof of quality". Hüner Elektrik; For years, its own products have been produced and offered to customers by its experienced and trained staff. Hüner Elektrik's main production areas are very wide. To put it briefly:

  • mini insulators,
  • Mini size barrel insulator,
  • Foot Terminal Block,
  • SKP Cable Lug,
  • Neutral Grounding Bar,
  • busbars,
  • Automatic Machine Rails,
  • rail carriers
  • cable lugs,
  • additional sleeves,
  • U Terminals,
  • Al-Cu Terminal Blocks,
  • Fork Terminals,
  • There are various internal materials such as voltage pole insulators.

As Hüner Elektrik, our goal is to achieve quality standards in all products in our product range. Moreover, we have certificates such as CE certificate, Trademark Registration Certificate, TSE and ISO certificate.

of the production is for the foreign market, and is for companies in the domestic market. It has continuous quality improvement, insightful production.

Wholesale and retail prices of electrical materials are available on our website. You can easily compare prices for the electrical cables or products you need, contact us using our communication channels on our website and place your order. You can also easily shop from our online shopping site.

Price lists:

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