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Erat Kablo

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Founded in 1998, Erat Kablo is a company that works with an expert and experienced team in its field, keeps up with the latest technological developments and carries out production in an area of 10,000 m2. Erat Kablo, which has managed to become one of the leading names in the sector with the service it has offered since the day it was founded, is also the only name that produces Data & Lan Cables and Accessories, Fiber Optic Cables and Accessories in Turkey and one of the few names in the world.

Erat Kablo, which produces at international standards, has managed to prove its quality and reliability with the ISO quality certificates it obtained as a result of periodic audits carried out by national and international auditing companies.

The company has an extremely wide range of products that appeal to the entire telecommunications sector. We can give examples of some of the products produced by the company as follows:

  • Fiber optic interconnect cables (pigtail, patch cord),
  • Fiber optic cable splice boxes,
  • Fiber optic termination equipment (rack/wall mounted patch panels),
  • Fiber optic accessories,
  • Copper Data&Lan cables (Cat5, Cat6, Cat7),
  • Copper data patch cord cable,
  • Copper data termination panels
  • Copper data termination equipment

These products are produced according to ISO 9001 standards and taking into account the requirements of ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, by an expert and experienced team in their field. Moreover, it is carried out using machines and methods suitable for the latest technological developments.

As Galip Mühendislik Elektrik, we have shown the wholesale and retail prices of electrical materials in the Erat Kablo price list for you. You can compare the prices of any electrical cable or product you need and use our communication channels to place an order. You can also easily shop through our online shopping site.

Price lists:

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