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Astor, which has been operating for nearly half a century, provides service with energy, experience and knowledge. The company, which manufactures and sells transformers, is known as a sector-leading name in the electromagnetic production industry. Successfully representing Turkey worldwide, Astor energy stands out with its understanding of innovation. Carrying out R&D studies, the company has completed the necessary certifications and started manufacturing and selling Medium Voltage Switching Products and Compact Transformer Centers.

The brand, which continues its production in Ankara, continues its activities in a 105,000 m2 closed area on a 140,000 m2 land. Astor energy:

  • Oil type distribution transformers,
  • power transformers,
  • Dry type transformers,
  • Medium voltage switching products,
  • Metal Clad production,
  • Compact transformer substations,
  • It produces cast resin dry type transformers.

The company follows technological developments personally and continues to offer its high quality products to its customers. Astor Energy, which has received all the necessary certificates, carries out its work with its well-equipped expert staff.

Wholesale and retail product prices are shown in the Astor energy price list. You can compare the price values of the products you need by reviewing this list. You can contact our communication channels to place an order, or you can provide assurance through our online website.

Price lists:

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