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Ünal Lighting, which has made a name for itself with the services it has provided in the sector since 1998, is a brand that stands out with a wide range of products. The brand, which is among the few large manufacturing companies in Turkey, continues to provide customer satisfaction with its work and production to date.

Ünal Lighting, which has international certificates, has produced thousands of different models of products within the framework of these quality standards. Moreover, it has offered these products to its customers in domestic and international markets.

Ünal Lighting, which has always aimed to offer the best and highest quality products at the most affordable prices to its customers since the day it was founded, continues its work by following the developments around the world in order to fulfill this aim. 

If we need to give examples of some of the products produced within the company;

  • spotlights
  • Sconce
  • floor lamp
  • Chandelier types are some of these products.

As Galip Elektrik Mühendislik, you can obtain many different products of the Ünal brand at the most affordable prices within our company. You can access our price list on our website, and you can easily create an order on our website and have the products delivered to your address in a short time.

Price lists:

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