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Audio, which has been the leader of discovery and innovation since 1979, continues to make a name for itself in the field of building communication systems. The name that meets the internal communication needs of both residences and workplaces constantly follows the technology. It aims to become a global brand with its "Change Management" project and new product projects that it started in 2000.

Carrying out production in a 6,000 m2 closed area in Turkey, Audio carries out manufacturing in compliance with world standards by adhering to quality management and humane management principles. The name, which takes into account the needs of its customers and aims to meet their demands in the best way, has the ISP 9001: 2008 system. The brand, which pays attention to the desired quality of processes throughout the company, continues to maintain this line. It includes:

  • Smart home systems,
  • Video intercom,
  • bell panels,
  • IP systems,
  • auxiliary products,
  • audio intercom,
  • It continues to be a favorite in the Audio industry, continuing to manufacture accessories.

Material prices are shown in the audio price list. You can compare the prices of the product you need and contact our communication channels to place an order. However, you can easily shop from our online site.

Price lists:

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