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Tongün is a family company founded by Sami Tongün in 1967 in Istanbul. Today, the name consists of 3 different companies and has been providing quality and reliable service for nearly half a century. The brand, which has an integrated facility on a 30,000 m2 area in Gebze, continues to offer the products it manufactures to customers both in Turkey and around the world.

Tongün's main product groups include:

  • SCM and BMC raw material manufacturing and sales,
  • automotive parts,
  • IP 67 and IP 65 protection class electricity, energy, telecommunication, marina, field distribution panels, water, insulators, multi-purpose junction boxes, made of ABS and composite raw materials.
  • Products related to the defense industry,
  • Intermediate speed breaker plates,
  •  Under the Modern Urban Infrastructure group, there are D 400, C 250 class composite manhole covers, rain grates and channel closing covers, benches and boundary elements.

Tongün, who has experience in machining and computer-aided mold-design, offers solutions to engineering projects with the work of its R&D laboratory. In addition, it has registered its production in both national and international standards with UL, TSE, GOST-R, ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001 certificates.

Tongün product price list includes the price values of wholesale and retail products. You can compare the prices of the products you need and use our communication channels to place an order. You can also easily order via our online shopping site.

Price lists:

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