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Since 1979, we have focused on quality above all else and strive to meet our customers' needs and expectations according to performance and safety standards. Over the years, ÇET-SAN has progressed towards becoming a leading organization in the domestic and foreign markets with the principle of 'Quality First' without compromising this service.

It increases its share in the domestic and foreign markets with its product range that expands day by day. For this purpose, they continue the necessary certification and resource development activities without interruption. Today, as in the past, we have adopted the principle of serving our customers with an affordable price policy without compromising on trust and quality. Products;

  • Cable Ties and Accessories,
  • Surface Mounted & Recessed Junction Boxes,
  • Fuse Boxes,
  • Meter Boxes & Mailboxes & Cofra,
  • Panels with Base Sheet,
  • Combination Boxes,
  • Telephone Module Boxes and Accessories,
  • Cable Ducts and Accessories,
  • Crochet & Glands,
  • fixtures,
  • Cases & Junction Boxes & Mats,
  • Kangal Pipes – Elbows & Bells,
  • Spiral Pipes and Cable Collection Spirals,
  • Switchblades,
  • Shoes & Bells & Crimping Pliers,
  • Aspirators,
  • terminal blocks,
  • Insulators – Busbars – W. Automat Rails,
  • It addresses many areas such as Bell Buttons & Bell Types.

We sell products and services that meet international quality standards to help your business succeed. You can access the price and product description catalogs of this wide product range with a single click on our website. You can order many products on a single site, either by contacting us or by purchasing online.

Price lists:

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