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Raychem Corporation is a company founded in the United States in 1957. The company produces high-tech polymer products and solutions for electrical and electronic connections. Raychem is known for innovative products, especially for heating, cooling and insulation systems and electrical connections.

One of the company's most important products is "heat tracking" technology. This technology is used to prevent pipes from freezing or overheating. Raychem heat tracking systems are used in many different application areas, from the automobile industry to the petrochemical industry.

Raychem also offers a variety of products such as high-quality heat shrink products, cable joints and insulation materials for electrical connections. These products are designed to ensure the safe and reliable operation of electrical and electronic systems.

The company serves corporate and industrial customers and operates in many countries around the world. Raychem's high-quality products and solutions are preferred in many industrial sectors to ensure reliability and durability.

Raychem Corporation was acquired by Tyco International in 1999 and continues to operate within Tyco's Electrical & Metal Products (E&MP) division.

Price lists:

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