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1Founded in 1967 by Bülent Özyazgan as a small workshop in the Rami district of Istanbul, Ayas Aspirator is today one of the leading companies in the HVAC industry with more than 50 years of experience, 350 different product types, dealerships throughout Turkey, international sales network and exports of of its production.

Bülent Özyazgan, who spent his apprenticeship in Adana with three masters, a lathe, a finisher and a welder, came to Istanbul in 1958, worked in various workshops and factories and improved his mastery. He founded his own company in 1967 to produce value-added products by combining his mastery with his entrepreneurial skills. The adventure, which started by producing radial and axial fans used by industrial companies in their production, continued and developed by producing final products after seeing the lack of domestic production in the ventilation sector;

Ayas Aspirator is among the strong companies of the Turkish industry with its first production in Turkey, machinery and mold investments, production capacity, national sales network and global competition target, which sheds light on other companies in the sector.

Thanks to international fair participation and visits, the Ayas Aspirator brand has begun to be recognized on a global scale and become one of the important players in the market.

Price lists:

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